TNT dance designs gave me horribe service

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Received custom shoes from tnt dance designs for my wedding.Not only did the shoes have a heel that was coming away from the sole, but there were scratches and glue marks all over the shoes!!!

When I called to get the shoes replaced, they couldn't guarantee they would be ready in time for my wedding-- and they didn't care!

To add to my frustration, the owner said I was too picky about the quality of my shoes, and there was nothing he could do about it.I spent the extra money to get a custom product, and because they have a no refund policy they can customize a crappy product and then laugh at you later.

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Big Fat Lie, Bridezilla.

We took detailed photos of every shoe we make before shipping and no error was found.

We told her that she may return them for correction; that we have a 30 day defect Warranty no problem.

We also ask for photos of the alleged defect she failed to send any.

But the real problem was when she asked to change her design and we told her we can only repair or replace with the original design only.

Then it hit the fan, with the yelling and screaming at us, then dial tone.

You see Ladies the shoes she designed were blue glitter, it’s her own design she dislike not the quality.

P.S. it’s none of our business what our clients use their shoe designs for, Dancing, Weddings, Vegas shows or Drag shows.

Also we are still willing to help her, but without the yelling at my staff.

Thank You


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